Develop Customized Reports and Chronologies

The condensed reports that we prepare provide legal staff with manageable guides to numerous documents, thereby saving you time, expense and considerable stress in the course of litigation. We translate the medical jargon and present it back to you in a professional, concise, and thorough report that is easily understood.

Our reports are customized to fit your needs.  Your case may require a description of injuries and treatments, a brief or comprehensive report or a detailed chronology of events with comments.  Gold MLC will discuss your needs and develop the report in the format that works best for you.

Descriptions of our most common types of reports:
Detailed Case Analysis for Personal Injury.  These reports include a comprehensive timeline of events that reference organized records, analysis of injuries and pre-existing conditions, identification of providers and missing records highlighting aspects of the case that require your attention.
Detailed Case Screening and Analysis for Medical Malpractice. These reports identify deviations in standard of care and all responsible parties, define the consequences of the deviations, include authoritative research, point out areas that opposing counsel may place focus, provide a detailed timeline of events cross referenced with an organized medical record, identify missing records and components needed for discovery.
Brief Case Screening Report.  A report designed to provide you an understanding of the merits and essential elements of your case including a brief summary, pre-existing conditions, red flags and missing records.
Summary of Medical Records.  A report designed to translate injuries, treatments and future care into a language that is easily understood by attorneys, claims adjusters, judges and juries.

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