Why Gold MLC

The Gold MLC Advantage 
Gold MLC addresses the wide range of challenges that medical litigation presents. We provide you with the medical data needed to build solid cases. Your business and our reputation demand an honest assessment of the facts. With Gold MLC on your team, you will be able to outsource the review of medical records with comfort and confidence.

We're here to help youWe distinguish ourselves by providing high quality work product based on your needs.  We understand that every case is unique and our clients have various preferences.

Gold MLC provides cost-effective services and flexibility to work within your budget.  If an unforeseen issue is encountered that requires substantially more time, your approval will be required before proceeding.

When collaborating with Gold MLC, it doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”.  We can be involved in your case from the initial screening throughout the entire litigation or we can provide services at any point where you need assistance. You will have access to a medical professional who is dedicated to helping each case reach a successful outcome.

By using our services you will save time and resources while having the competitive edge.  Our goal is to make your job easier while maximizing your case results.  

Our Process:  Lay your foundation from the beginning to support the case you will build by starting with a proper review of the medical records.  With the correct analysis, medical record reviews can result in an immense savings of time and money while adding an invaluable competitive advantage.

GoldMLC merging medicine with lawShould the claim have merit, we reduce your expenses by providing you an in-depth analysis and chronology, allowing you to focus on building your case by understanding the medical issues, potential defendants and the strengths and weaknesses from the beginning.  The initial reports can be used as tools and references throughout the litigation process.

If the case is not substantiated in the records, we will provide you and your team the information necessary to dismiss or defend the claim.

Should a medical expert be required, Gold MLC will identify the appropriate experts to retain, locate the experts and identify the records they need to review.  We also provide a chronology of events which saves you money by streamlining the information required for expert review.  Our role and our work product provide cost savings throughout the litigation process.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We provide high quality work product while ensuring that our product meets your expectations. Gold MLC communicates directly with their clients to make certain that their expectations are clearly understood and will make amendments to the format if necessary.

The difference is in the quality you will receive from Gold MLC!