Frequently asked questions:

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC) is an registered nurse who has received specialized training and achieved certification as a legal nurse consultant.  This unique training qualifies them to provide insight from a medical-legal perspective.

The primary role of the Legal Nurse Consultant is to evaluate, analyze and render informed opinions on health care, the delivery of health care and resulting outcomes.  Distinct from the paralegal or legal assistant, the legal nurse consultant brings specialized education and clinical expertise to the medically related issues of the litigation process.

Why should Gold MLC review medical records rather than a paralegal or attorney?

As professional nurses and legal nurse consultants, we are accustomed to reading medical records and deciphering content.  We understand medical terminology and can recognize important medical information that could be missed by a non-medical reviewer. We know the content of medical records and can quickly identify missing records.

Why Do Attorneys Use Our Services?

Gold MLC is the expert on healthcare, healthcare systems and its inner workings.  We provide cost-effective expertise for reviewing medical records and bring an understanding of terminology and subtleties of healthcare to every case.  We add value to every case by investigating the records for items that could help build a stronger case.

When Should You Contact Us?

From the moment you are notified of a potential case, Gold MLC becomes an invaluable asset by identifying the medical issues, screening for merit, identifying strengths and weaknesses and a number of additional services relevant to your case.  An early evaluation with a brief abstraction and analysis provides a clear determination of merit to understand standard of care deviations and areas of exposure.

Why consult with Gold MLC rather than an MD for case screening?

Our services are far more cost-effective than those of a physician. It makes better economic sense to allocate your resources to physicians only when necessary. Should medical expert opinion be warranted, we save you money by streamlining the information required for their review.